Writing In A Coffee Shop

I’ve done it. I’ve submitted to a stereotype. I’m writing in a coffee shop. Well, it’s more the case that I have been subjected to the coffee shop writer lifestyle because I can’t seem to focus in my apartment; there just always seems to be something else to clean. Now, I’m not the biggest neat-freak (by a wide, wide, wide, WIDE margin), but whenever I have something more tedious to focus on such as writing an article or resume or birthday card, it seems that all I can focus on is the speck of dust in my peripheral vision. I’m then fueled by the assumption that the speck of dust probably brought friends, and that’s why you still haven’t received that birthday card I most definitely bought you and am still intending to send. Maybe I’ll just wait for next year so it won’t be late. The best thing about birthday cards is that if you’re the perfect amount of time late, you’re right on time. This fact has saved me a hefty amount of cash on birthday cards as I just use the same one for every birthday for every year.

There are definitely pros to working from a coffee shop. First of all, there’s coffee. Lots of it. But there are also a few cons, such as the fact that the lighting in here is really good and I can see every speck of dust on my laptop. Also, the coffee is overpriced. Also, if you drink all the coffee, it might go through you and you’ll have to decide whether going to the bathroom is worth losing your spot, or if not losing your spot is worth losing your laptop.  But the pros are there, and they have to do mostly with people watching and the overhead music. I’m not going to make a pros and cons list because that is too much work, but I will make a general list of observances, happenings, and things I’ve learned. Here it is:

1. The Cool Whip song is actually based on a song called the Cool Jerk by the Capitols.  With that came the realization that they really… capitalized on that song. By selling out. By selling fake whipped cream. Like Jerks. Good for them, though.

2.  Bike shorts to men=Yoga pants to women. Also, this seems to be a popular stop for cyclists.  So… that’s cool.

3.  Uggs are still apparently in fashion.  Or perhaps they are so out of fashion that they’re now out of fashion enough to be worn in an ironic way. But who am I to talk? I’m wearing bright green running shoes. They’re no Uggs, but it’s safe to say that I’m much more prepared for  a Jurassic Park situation if one should arise.  I’d probably live (longer) because I’m wearing shoes with good traction and arch support.  The T-Rex probably wouldn’t care, but the savvy velociraptors would probably respect my preparedness and at least give me a head start. Or at least make me think they gave me a head start. Those conniving reptilian scumbags.

4. The world is really small. I just ran into a college friend I knew lived up here but haven’t seen since we lived in California. I really love when that stuff happens. It kind of happens a lot around here, but I don’t dismiss it as any less “cool”. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up soon. Maybe over brunch. I love brunch.

5. Apparently I can procrastinate while writing by writing what I’m not supposed to be writing. Whelp, I really outdid myself this time.  I should really get around to writing those articles. The resume and birthday cards can wait.

Currently On Repeat: Bear Hands – Agora

Man, I love this song.  I heard it on KEXP a few weeks ago and it’s been replaying in my mind ever since. Bear Hands is an awesome alt-rock band with a knack for catchy hooks and driving riffs. With all the buzz around Agora, the single from their album Distraction, it’s safe to say that they’ll soon be reaching  “overplayed as much as that one Gotye song” status. And that’s success, right? Sure. Well, let’s all just enjoy this song before it starts playing on every radio station at the same time.

Check out Bear Hands on the WWW:



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